Cambelt and Head Gasket failures in Citroen C8, Peugeot 807 and Fiat Ulysse vehicles


At Autotechniks we have been servicing and repairing Peugeot and Citroen cars since 1988.

We have now become involved with the repair of Citroen C8, Peugeot 807 and Fiat Ulysse vehicles, collectively known as Eurovan 2, which have suffered cambelt or cylinder head gasket failures. In order to achieve this we have designed and built a hydraulic extraction system to overcome the problem of seized injectors. This enables us to effectively repair the engines which do not suffer from very much damage when the belt fails or to fit replacement head gaskets. We believe that it is a better solution to repair the otherwise good engine than to fit a secondhand or reconditioned engine of unknown origin and mileage.


We can offer a choice of service according to the present condition of the car. These are as follows:-

1.) Our In-Situ Engine Repair Service  is suitable if the car has not been dismantled other than exploratory work to ascertain the cause of the breakdown.

2.) The second service we offer is to take over the job after the engine has been removed by another garage who have subsequently found that they cannot complete the job because of the seized injectors. For this service we charge the price of the in-situ service above with a nominal additional charge for refitting the engine.We do however reserve the right to review the price where there has been damage to the engine or injectors by the attempts to remove them. We have seen damage which has resulted in weakening of the injectors to the point that they break when even relatively small amounts of hydraulic force is applied to them.

3.) Our third service is basically a pick up the pieces service where the injectors are already broken. We have milling and also spark erosion equipment because the injectors cannot be removed by milling alone. With this combination we have been able to successfully rescue several engines which were to be consigned to the scrap pile because of unsuccessful injector removal attempts. It is impossible to give a price for this service without discussing the individual case so if this is your situation please contact us