In Car Engine Repair Service

Here at the C8 Centre we can offer a complete repair service for vehicles which have suffered a cambelt or head gasket failure.

To date we have repaired over seventy five of these vehicles and have not had to remove an engine from one yet!

Before reading on please consider whether you are better to take your car to a garage just because it is local or to use a specialist with a wealth of experience and a proven track record. Every week we receive phone calls from owners who have had their cars returned to them with the engine in the boot and the injectors broken off asking for our help. We can help but the fixed prices quoted do not apply when we have to make good damage caused by hamfisted attempts to remove the injectors without the sophisticated equipment which we have developed specifically for these vehicles. A major automotive tool manufacturer has just launched a low cost hydraulic injector puller which it claims can remove any seized injector. We have trialled it and found that not only will it fail to remove the injectors from these engines but it will also damage the cylinder heads in the process rendering the vehicles beyond economic repair. Can you afford to take that chance?

We will uplift the car from any location in mainland UK and take it to our workshops in Edinburgh. Here we will strip the car to the point where we can extract the injectors using our hydraulic pulling equipment and repair the engine without removing it from the car.

As most of the cars which have suffered from cambelt  failures have not reached the manufacturers recommended cambelt replacement interval we believe that the best solution is to repair their own engines rather than run the risk of importing  unknown faults from other cars when using secondhand engines. Similarly, cars which have suffered head gasket failures can be effectively repaired by resurfacing the cylinder head and replacing the head gasket and stretch bolts.

The reason that other repairers, including most main dealers, recommend replacement of the engine is because they quite simply do not have equipment capable of overcoming the problem of injectors which have become corroded in to the cylinder head.  If the injectors cannot be removed  access to the cylinder head bolts is not possible. Our pulling equipment, seen to the left in action in a Peugeot 807 engine bay,  enables us to not only successfully remove the injectors but in most cases we are able to clean, reassemble and refit them. In a very small number of cases the force that we have to use to remove them exceeds the level which they can withstand in which case they will require to be replaced.  It is also possible that the corrosion can get such a grip that the force required will exceed the breaking strain of the injector and it will break. If this happens we will remove the broken piece by spark erosion and the injector will have to be replaced.The most important factor is that successful extraction of the injectors will result in a complete and effective repair to the engine.

In order to keep the price competitive we include nationwide recovery to our premises of the car but do not include return carriage. The reason for this is that the cheapest way to get the car back to its home is to drive it. If required we can arrange for it to be driven although this will incur return flight or train fare for the driver and a nominal charge for their time. In practice most customers will collect their cars in which case we will meet them at the airport or train station as required.

We do not ask for any payment until the car is ready to be collected and can be road tested by the owner.

The price for this service is £1300. Cylinder head gasket replacement adds a further £250 to the price

Included in the price is uplift of the car, injector extraction, injector testing, replacement of engine components damaged by the cambelt failure, cambelt and tensioners, labour cost of reassembling the engine and road testing of the vehicle. Replacement injectors  will be charged extra at £250 each subject to availability. When the head gasket is replaced the cylinder head is resurfaced and new stretch bolts are fitted.

We can usually collect the car, repair it ready for collection in fourteen working days.