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Thanks Gavin for the swift service you gave me when my cambelt broke and you picked up the pieces,which a so called garage could not repair and also damaged components through taking the engine out unnecessarily.When they could not get the injectors out they sent the engine to a diesel specialist (think that must be the best joke of 2012 ).When they could not get the injectors out i was told that it had to be another engine . After a phone call to the C8 centre arrangements were made for the car to be collected. After the car had been collected Gavin at the C8 centre kept me informed every step of the way . From the point of we have removed the injectors and have found that parts have been damaged by previous people trying to remove the injectors ,and taking the engine out unnecessarily to putting the engine back in and finding more damage and missing parts .As this is a quite long and complicated story it would be easier to say ,if you have problems ,speak to Gavin at the C8 centre,and take his advice.Dont go anywhere but Gavin at the C8 centre,for unrivalled advice and service .Do not let other garages fool you into thinking they can do the job ,then end up having to call on Gavin to pick up the pieces .It will be much cheaper to go straight to a man who can do the job .
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Just a quick note to let you know I got back home safely yesterday and to say thank you for all your help. The car performed very well on its 450 mile road test!

The service you provided went way beyond that advertised on your website and I am very glad to I took the leap of faith in letting someone I’d never met come and take my car to the other end of the country! Of course I’d preferred if the cam belt had never broken in the first place and that is an issue I will take up again with Peugeot! Nevertheless you were absolutely as good as your word (if not better) and to get the car back and running well for a fair and reasonable price in less than 2 weeks is an outcome better than I ever dared hope for once I began to understand the seized injector issue!


Hi, I own a Citroen C8 (mechanically identical to 807). Under 54,000 miles, 05 plate.  My cambelt didn't brake but slipped at beginning of January, which had basically the same effect on the engine.  After trawling around forums and having a Citroen specialist garage look at it, I was advised best solution was to buy a new engine. At that point I was close to either sending it away to get a refurbished engine fitted, or have the car scrapped, estimated min cost £2,500 plus.  As with everyone who goes through this, I have been frustrated & sickened by the attitude of the manufacturer who knows there is a problem both in the cambelt prematurely  breaking or slippping, and the expense in having this fixed because of engine corrosion.

Basically garages don't have the specialist knowledge or equipment to do the work and therefore are recommending buying new or reconditioned engines.  All they need to do in reality is to remove the injectors to get inside and fix the rockers etc, It's virtually imposible to do this because the injectors are corroded in place.  If they don't know what they are doing they will remove the engine first and charge for this, even though they can't do anything else beyond this.

I was put in touch with the C8Centre & am delighted to say I drove my car back home yesterday, without having the engine removed.  They have the equipment and knowledge to get 807s, C8s and Ulysse injectors out without removing the engine - they are also able to uplift cars very cheaply from different parts of the UK (I had been looking at over £1000 to send the car to other garages to get a reconditioned engine).

I know the frustration this problem is causing many, many owners and I am glad someone put me in touch with the C8Centre.  If your cambelt snaps or slips, contact them as they are genuine and aren't 'fleecing' owners like the manufacturers and main dealers are.

I know C8Centre's details have been removed from posts in the past because these forums aren't allowed to advertise - this is crazy as owners are being forced to pay thousands of pounds or scrap good cars because they don't know about this option.  I know as I spent hours reading many posts about this problem & didn't find a solution  - I was lucky that the garage I'd sent my car to knew about this company.  I am happy to recommend the C8Centre 07970 123045 - they will hopefully save you a significant amount of money, frustration and heartache.



Cam Belt snapped on the motorway a week last Saturday.

Read the forums for C8 and 807 and went into a panic, lots of people having the car out of action for months and then paying upto £6k.

Saw a recommendation for Gavin at C8 centre on the C8 forum and gave him a call.

He picked the car up last Monday night. He called me a couple of times to keep me informed of what was happening.

Got the injectors out and put on a new belt.

Car is now back fully functional, £1275 flat rate and back within the week.

I could not recommend C8 Centre more highly.


I recently suffered the misfortune of a snapped timing belt on my Citroen C8. At this time i did not know about the C8 Centre and stupidly dealt with a company based in Blackburn called Just Peugeot Citroen Parts who sold me an engine they said was “tried and tested” for £1400. The engine arrived 5 weeks after the company said it would ( i was told 48 hours for delivery) and when the engine was fitted it was worse than the one that i was replacing. The injectors were leaking and the engine would not start. I eventually managed to get 4 reconditioned injectors from Peugeot Citroen but when my mechanic went to fit the new injectors they could not get the other injectors out. Managed to find out about Gavin Gray and his company Autotechniks and after one phone call Mr Gray had my car picked up, he took out the injectors that no one else could get out, put in the new ones, fixed 2 major oil leaks and had the car up and running within 3 days at a very reasonable cost. Mr Gray kept me updated with everything he was doing by phone and also informed me that if i had known about his company from the start he could have saved me from having to change my damaged engine by being able to take said injectors out and fitting new ones therefore saving me a fortune in 3 different mechanics fees and a full engine change over. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. Unlike Just Peugeot Citroen, Mr Gray was courteous and professional from start to finish in handling my problem. It was a pleasure to be dealt with in such a professional manner with a man who knew how to do his job. I would have no hesitation in using his company again and i would recommend him to anyone else who has the same problem with their Citroen C8 or Peugeot 807.

William Andrews

A very satisfied customer


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